Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Tips on finding a good internship/job

These days it can be a bit tricky to find an internship/job. So I thought I'd share with you some useful sites that have really helped me. Before I do I also wanted to give you a little tip on internships. You will come across two different types of employers. The first one being a good employer who genuinely wants to help you on your journey to finding your chosen career, then sadly there's the second type of employer who just wants someone to do all the jobs they don't want to do. I have experienced both and in a way I'm glad I did because now I know how to quickly tell if the chosen internship is going to benefit me or waste my time. 

For example when doing a fashion internship you should NOT be forced to spend hours and hours in a fashion cupboard organising clothes that have been pilling up for the past 6 months. Don't get me wrong you will obviously have to work in a fashion cupboard when working in the fashion industry, but that is not your only role whilst working in fashion.. You should get to experience the more practical fun side of things which is working on shoots. 

When you find a good internship you will see that the employer asks you questions and tries to find you good opportunities to take part in, or will sometimes if your really lucky the internship itself could lead to a permanent position. Be smart when taking on an internship and before you start make sure you ask questions and show the employer that you are not going to be taken advantage of. You will automatically know what kind of internship you are taking part in within the first day there. Make sure yours is one that will help your career. 

Useful links:

Good luck and hope this post helps you on your search for a internship/job

Lots of love.. Mx

Monday, 10 February 2014

Movie Monday - Law Abiding Citizen

My second movie that I'm going to recommend for Movie Monday is Law Abiding Citizen. Holy moly the name itself gives me tingles. This film WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!! I could not possibly put into words how amazing this film is, so please go and watch it and understand where I'm coming from. May I also add that I am not the biggest fan of action films, but this is definitely an exception. 

Starring Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler, together they make magic!!

Truly an amazing film and a MUST see!! Now go watch it and thank me later.

Lots of love.. Mx 

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Marina 'Hearts' Beauty & The Boutique

Today I wanted to share with you a fantastic site I came across quite recently called Beauty & The Boutique. The reason being is that I think that it is a fantastic website, and that more women should discover it. Katie is the founder and is also a professional make-up artist and fashion stylist. After watching Katie's video on her story about why she started up Beauty & The Boutique I honestly felt so inspired, because I truly felt so great about myself after watching her video. So I would love to help spread the word to other women to check out her website and YouTube channel as it may boost your confidence if your feeling down about yourself. 

Here is the link to Katie's website where you can also find her YouTube channel, Twitter & Facebook page.

Not only is Katie very inspiring she also has 3 categories where you can shop from which are style, beauty and accessories. Below you will find 3 of my recommendations from each section.


1st up are these sexy silky satin shorts. This shade of grey is easy to style and can be worn for a night out or a casual day. 

The Grey Short - £49

Next up I chose this cosy jumper as it's something I could see myself living in. It's also versatile as it can be styled up but also styled down with a nice pair of jeans and comfy boots, perfect for running errands.

The Eiliadh Heart Jumper - £69
For my last item in the style category I chose the Rachel Doran Bag. I love that again this item can be used for 2 different purposes. Wear it as a clutch for a night out or across the body for day.

The Rachel Doran Bag - £54


My beauty recommendation is definitely going to have to be from Pinks Boutique. I went for the Bamboo & Oatmeal Facial Polish, Lemongrass & Mandarin Cleanser and last but not least the Lemongrass & Cammelia Moisturiser. This specific cleanser and moisturiser are aimed at people with oily/combination skin so if you have normal/dry skin then I would recommend switching the cleanser and moisturiser for the organic range instead. See images and prices below.

Pinks Boutique - Bamboo & Oatmeal Facial Polish - £25

Pinks Boutique - Lemongrass & Mandarin Cleanser - £17.50

Pinks Boutique - Lemongrass & Cammelia Moisturiser - £24

For those with normal/dry skin try the organic shea butter or organic coconut oil.

Organic Shea Butter - £9.99

Organic Oil - £9.99


The first accessory that really caught my eye was the stud collar, I need this in my life, it's absolutely stunning. I also think that it would look even better draped down a backless dress. LOVE IT, LOVE IT.. LOVE IT!!

The Stud Collar - £17

Okay I've calmed down now, for my last 2 accessory recommendations I chose 2 beautiful bangles. The first one is The Hazey Jaime Platted Bangle (available in orange, blue, pink and black) and The Vicky Preston Bangle. 

The Hazey Jaime Platted Bangle - £12

The Vicky Preston Bangle - £25

The reason why I chose these three items is because I LOVE gold jewellery, but fear not if you prefer silver jewellery, because Beauty & The Boutique has it all. Here is the direct link to the accessory category 

I really hope that you all have a look at Katie's website, and watch her story it truly is amazing. She is so brave for being honest and open and extremely inspiring for not only sharing her story, but for wanting to help others in the process. 

Katies Links:

YouTube Channel:

Thanks for stopping..

Lots of love.. Mx

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Aveeno Hand Cream Review

If you suffer from dry hands or are just simply looking for a good hand cream to carry around with you, then Aveeno is the hand cream for you. It is my favourite as it is super moisturising and doesnn't leave your hands feeling greasy like other hand creams. Here is the hand cream..

To read the full description of the product here is the direct link to it.

Lots of love.. Mx

Monday, 3 February 2014

Movie Monday - The Holiday

Hi all, so it's Movie Monday, is it sad that I'm really excited. Oh who am I kidding I don't care. So first up has to be The Holiday featuring Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black. (Takes a moment to compose self) I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS FILM SO DAMN MUCH!! I'm not even sorry for shouting, I don't know what it is about this film but I just love it. Cameron Diaz never fails to impress me in her films. 

If you haven't seen it then please, please PLEASE watch it, it's an amazing film. I could not possibly sing its praises anymore. I could watch this film everyday for the rest of my life and would never get bored of it. The storyline, actors/actresses, setting, music everything is all just spot on. This is definitely my favourite film in the entire world. I know that's a big statement but this film just never fails to hook me into the story over and over again. Absolutely positively the best film ever (in my opinion) Nancy Meyers.. I applaud you, thank you for this film.

Why are you still here.. go watch it and if you've already seen it go watch it again!

Lots of love.. Mx